Mobile Dysphagia Consultants

MassTex Imaging, LLC

Since 2006, MassTex Imaging is New England’s leading provider of Mobile Dysphagia Consultations. Our services include, a Modified Barium Swallow Studies (MBSS), Esophageal Assessment to the Stomach, and a Physician Consult.

We are recognized by Medicare as a group medical practice owned by a Physician, Joan E. Baumer, MD, FAAFP and Speech Pathologist, Joan Kelly Arsenault, MA, CCC-SLP, BCS-S. A group medical practice must have a physician in a direct ownership position; therefore, it is held to the highest standards by the Board of Registration in Medicine, Bureau of Radiation Control, the Community Standard of Practice, Medicare Guidelines and the Hippocratic Oath that professes, “…to do no harm and to act in the best interest of the patient.” Our practice also adheres to the standards of care, ethics, and code of conduct of the American Speech Language Hearing Association.

We understand the necessity of providing a high quality Modified Barium Swallow Study (MBSS) with an Assessment of food going through the Esophagus to the Stomach to give a comprehensive Dysphagia Consultation in order to determine safe swallow strategies, appropriate diet level and medical management that may be required for the patient. 

We pride ourselves on providing immediate, valuable results. An 8-12 page detailed, typed report from the Physician and Speech Pathologist, along with a copy of the DVD are both available immediately after the consultation for the treating clinician and the ordering physician. Patient and the treating clinicians can obtain access to the MassTex Imaging patient portal to view the reports securely online.

Why Mobile?

Being a Mobile Medical Practice we provide you with timely appointments, we take away the hassle of transportation and go wherever the patient is: at home, in a skilled nursing / rehabilitation facility, rehabilitation hospital, assisted living facility, independent living facility, day-hab, group home and adult day health center. 

All our Mobile Clinics are handicap accessible, fully equipped with state-of-the-art digital x-ray equipment, a licensed Physician, licensed Speech Pathologist and the transport driver/technician.

Our Philosophy

MassTex Imaging commits to providing cost-effective, timely, and ethical Dysphagia Consultations through the use of Videofluoroscopy Equipment. The MTI highly trained and licensed medical staff provides Dysphagia Consultations throughout New England. Our expert medical team is focused on patient-centered care and is dedicated to treating each and every patient with individualized clinical analysis, dignity, compassion, and respect while performing a high quality service.

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