Mobile Dysphagia Consultants

Your Mobile Partner in Swallowing Disorders

Meet Goldie our newest Mobile Medical Clinic on the road! She came in weighing 13,500 pounds! Tour Goldie and meet the team the next time she is in your area! Goldie was of course named after the Swallowing Industry's Gold Standard MBSS!


Mobile Dysphagia Consultants

Since 2006, MassTex Imaging is the leading provider of Mobile Dysphagia (Swallowing Disorder) Consultations in the New England area.

Our Mobile Medical Practice performs complete and thorough evaluations for patients exhibiting signs or symptoms of dysphagia as ordered by the patient’s physician.

You get the whole picture, from lips to stomach.

Consultation are performed on our State-Of-The-Art Mobile Medical Clinics just outside your facility or home by highly experienced Physicians and Speech Language Pathologists. Patients eat real food throughout the consultation.

A Dysphagia Consultation with MassTex Imaging includes three important components.

  • Gold Standard, Modified Barium Swallowing Study (MBSS)

  • Esophageal Assessment to Stomach

  • Physician Consultation

Proudly Serving New England

Proudly Serving New England

You get immediate results which leads to better outcomes and treatment plans for patients living with a myriad of swallowing disorders.

  • Detailed reports available immediately after the study.

  • Copy of the digital video given to each referral source.

  • A patient portal to view the reports online.

  • Family, loved ones and health care providers are welcome to be present during the consultation.

  • MDs and SLPS available to answer your questions.

Quality of Life/End of Life wishes are taken into account by our compassionate medical team of Physicians and Speech Language Pathologists. 

Read more about our Dysphagia Consultations and when to ask for consultation.

WE GO TO THE PATIENT wherever they reside, taking away the hassle and cost of transportation.

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Ask about our Interactive Dysphagia Management In-Services presented by Joan Kelly Arsenault, MA, CCC-SLP, Board Certified in Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders. Joan sits on American Board of Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders. Call 1800.508.6277 (MBSS).